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Ausgewählte Schulungen zum Thema Microsoft Teams

MOC 55300 Microsoft Teams for End Users

- u.a. in Nürnberg, Berlin, Stuttgart, München, Köln

Microsoft Teams is a full collaboration platform and offers facilities for peer to peer collaboration as well as full team collaboration. This course will give guidance on how to use the tools for chat, file sharing, meetings and calls. The course will also give direction on ...

MOC 55304 Microsoft Dataverse for Teams

- u.a. in Nürnberg, Berlin, Stuttgart, München, Köln

This 2 day course will guide students through designing low-code applications, automated processes and chatbots directly in Microsoft Teams by leveraging Microsoft Data verse for Teams and how to use further tools to design reports. This course is focused on end users, rather ...

MS-700 Managing Microsoft Teams (MS-700T00)

- u.a. in Köln, Leipzig, München, Zürich, Koblenz

The Managing Microsoft Teams course is designed for persons who are aspiring to the Microsoft 365 Teams Admin role. A Microsoft Teams administrator plans, deploys, configures, and manages Microsoft Teams to focus on efficient and effective collaboration and communication in a ...

MS-721 Collaboration Communication System Engineer (MS-721T00)

- u.a. in Berlin, Stuttgart, Leipzig, München, Dresden

This course will give you the skills you need to plan, design and manage team communication systems. You will learn how to configure and manage teams meetings and events, set up audio conferences, configure and manage teams phones and teams rooms. After the course, you will be ...