Windows Server 2016 - Training & Seminare

Ausgewählte Schulungen zum Thema Windows Server 2016

MOC 55152 Fundamentals of Active Directory

- u.a. in Nürnberg, Berlin, Stuttgart, München, Köln

After completing this course, students will be able to: Understand the industry standards used in Active Directory and their importance, Recognize the functionality of Domain Controllers and Active Directory Replication mechanisms, Understand Forest, Domain and OU structure, ...

MOC 55324 Installation, Storage and Compute with Windows Server 2016

- u.a. in Nürnberg, Berlin, Stuttgart, München, Köln

This course is intended for information technology (IT) professionals who have basic knowledge of Windows Server. It is designed for professionals who have primary responsibility of managing storage and computing by using Windows Server 2016. Professionals who need to ...