EXIN DevOps Foundation


Seminar - Ziel

EXIN DevOps Foundation is a certification that validates a professional’s knowledge about:
• DevOps Basics;
• DevOps Principles;
• DevOps Key Practices;
• Practical Application of DevOps

Teilnehmer - Zielgruppe

EXIN DevOps Foundation is ideal for IT and business professionals who want to understand
DevOps and how their organization can benefit from its principles. This includes those who
participate in a DevOps team and anyone engaged in information and technology management.

Kurs - Voraussetzungen

Successful completion of the EXIN DevOps Foundation exam.


  • 2 Tage
  • 09:00 Uhr bis 17:00 Uhr


  • nach Absprache

Seminar-Inhalt / Agenda

1. DevOps Basics

  • DevOps Origins
  • Definition of DevOps
  • Reasons for using DevOps
  • Misconceptions about DevOps

2. DevOps Principles

  • Value Stream
  • Deployment Pipeline
  • Version Control
  • Configuration Management
  • Definition of Done

3. DevOps Key Practices

  • Difference with Traditional Practices
  • DevOps Practices

4. Practical Applications of DevOps

  • Applicability
  • Limitations
  • Using Commercial Off-the-shelf Software
  • Evolving Architecture and Organizational Models
  • Iterative Progression

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