DP-070: Migrate Open Source Data Workloads to Azure


Seminar - Ziel

This course will enable the students to understand Azure SQL Database, and educate the students on what is required to migrate MySQL and PostgreSQL workloads to Azure SQL Database.

Teilnehmer - Zielgruppe

The primary audience for this course is database developers who plan to migrate their MySQL or Postgres DB workloads to Azure SQL DB. The secondary audience for this course is MySQL/Postgres administrators to raise awareness of the features and benefits of Azure SQL DB.

Job role: Data Engineer

Features: None

Kurs - Voraussetzungen

Successful students start this role with a fundamental knowledge of cloud computing concepts and experience with open source relational database management systems.
•Working with PostgreSQL and/or MySQL
•Using backup and recovery techniques with open source data
•SQL administration

To gain these skills, take the following free online training before attending the course:
•Core cloud services – Azure compute options
•Deploy MariaDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL on Azure
•Introduction to Azure SQL
•Introduction to open source database migration to Azure Cosmos DB


  • 1 Tag
  • 09:00 Uhr bis 17:00 Uhr


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Seminar-Inhalt / Agenda

Module 1: Migrate to Azure SQL DB for MySQL & PostgreSQL

  • OSS databases overview
  • Common OSS database workloads
  • Customer challenges in migration

Module 2: Migrate on-premises MySQL to Azure SQL DB for MySQL

  • Configure and Manage Azure SQL DB for MySQL
  • Migrate on-premises MySQL to SQL DB for MySQL
  • Application Migration
  • Post-migration considerations

Module 3: Migrate on-premises PostgreSQL to Azure SQL DB for PostgreSQL

  • Configure and Manage Azure SQL DB for PostgreSQL
  • Migrate on-premises MySQL to SQL DB for PostgreSQL
  • Application Migration
  • Post-migration considerations

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