Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU)


Seminar - Ziel

The CSCU training program aims at equipping the students with the necessary knowledge and skills to protect their information assets. The program is designed to interactively teach the students
about the whole gamut of information security threats they face ranging from identity theft and credit card fraud to their physical safety. The skills acquired during the course of this program will
not only help the students to identify these threats but also to mitigate them effectively.

Teilnehmer - Zielgruppe

This course is specifically designed for todays' computer users who uses the internet and the www
extensively to work, study and play.

Kurs - Voraussetzungen


  • 2 Tage
  • 09:00 Uhr bis 17:00 Uhr


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Seminar-Inhalt / Agenda

1. Introduction To Data Security

  • 1.1 Data–Digital Building Blocks
  • 1.2 Importance of Data in the Information Age
  • 1.3 Threats to Data
  • 1.4 Data Security
  • 1.5 Potential Losses Due to Security Attacks
  • 1.6 Implementing Security

2. Securing Operating Systems

  • 2.1 Guidelines To Secure Windows
  • 2.2 Guidelines To Secure Mac OS X

3. Malware and Antiviruses

  • 3.1 What is Malware
  • 3.2 Types Of Malware
  • 3.3 Symptoms Of Malware Infection
  • 3.4 Antivirus
  • 3.5 Configuring and Using Antivirus Software
  • 3.6 How To Test If an Antivirus is Working

4. Internet Security

  • 4.1 Understanding Web Browser Concepts
  • 4.2 Understanding IM Security
  • 4.3 Understanding Child Online Safety

5. Security On Social Networking Sites

  • 5.1 Understanding Social Networking Concepts
  • 5.2 Understanding Various Social Networking Security Threats
  • 5.3 Understanding Facebook Security Settings
  • 5.4 Understanding Twitter Security Settings

6. Securing Email Communications

  • 6.1 Understanding Email Security Concepts
  • 6.2 Understanding Various Email Security Threats
  • 6.3 Understanding Various Email Security Procedures

7. Securing Mobile Devices

  • 7.1 Understanding Mobile Device Security Concepts
  • 7.2 Understanding Threats To a Mobile Device
  • 7.3 Understanding Various Mobile Security Procedures
  • 7.4 Understanding How to Secure iPhone and iPad Devices
  • 7.5 Understanding How to Secure Android Devices
  • 7.6 Understanding How to Secure Windows Device
  • 7.7 Mobile Security Tools

8. Securing The Cloud

  • 8.1 The Concept of Cloud
  • 8.2 How Cloud Works
  • 8.3 Threats To Cloud Security
  • 8.4 Safeguarding Against Cloud Security Threats
  • 8.5 Cloud Privacy Issues
  • 8.6 Addressing Cloud Privacy Issues
  • 8.7 Choosing a Cloud Service Provider

9. Securing Network Connections

  • 9.1 Understanding Various Networking Concepts
  • 9.2 Understanding Setting Up a Wireless Network in Windows
  • 9.3 Understanding Setting Up a Wireless Network in Mac
  • 9.4 Understanding Threats to Wireless Network Security and Countermeasures
  • 9.5 Measures to Secure Network Connections

10. Data Backup and Disaster

  • 10.1 Data Backup Concepts
  • 10.2 Types of Data Backups
  • 10.3 Windows Backup and Restore Procedures
  • 10.4 MAC OS X Backup and Restore Procedures
  • 10.5 Understanding Secure Data Destruction

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